Family & Friends of Alcoholics

Facts About a Simple Program

If someone you love has a drinking problem, this booklet will provide you with facts about a simple program of recovery. Through its help, over two million people who once drank too much are now living comfortable and productive lives without alcohol.

For decades, Alcoholics Anonymous has been working successfully for men and women from every kind of background. Before these people came to A.A., most of them had tried to control their drinking on their own and, only after repeated unsuccessful efforts at such control, finally admitted that they were powerless over alcohol.

At first, they could not imagine life without it; they certainly did not want to admit that they were alcoholics. But, with the help of other A.A. members, they learned that they did not have to drink.

They discovered that life without alcohol not only was possible, but could be happy and deeply rewarding.

Often those closest to an alcoholic find it hardest to see and admit that someone they care about can be an alcoholic. Such a thing just can’t be true, it seems. In their eagerness to deny the depth of the problem, they may for a time believe the alcoholic’s promises. But the repeated breaking of these promises and the increasing difficulties finally force those living with the alcoholic to acknowledge the truth.

Download the "Is There An Alcoholic In Your Life?" pamphlet

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